LV Switchboards

Manufacture of Switchboards

We ensure the manufacture and installation of switchboards into standardized boxes made by reputable manufacturers such as Rittal, Schneider Electric (Sarel), OEZ, and Schrack. Internal switchboard instrumentation is installed according to the requirements given by the project, mainly from the range of Schneider Electric products. The installation of instruments is performed mainly on the central board with the conductors laid in inserting strips. Descriptions inside are machine-made and plates are engraved.

We have separate production areas fully equipped for the manufacture, treatment and installation of steel structures and further with complete strip iron cleaning, bending and punching equipment.

We manufacture the following types of switchboards:

  • Control and power switchboards up to 2,500 A
  • Switchboards for specialized machinery
  • Switchboards for heating system and air handling equipment measurement and control
  • Construction site switchboards
  • House switchboards and meter boards
  • Compensation switchboards

Quality Assurance

All switchboards manufactured by us are launched in full compliance with applicable laws and standards. They are marked with the name plate and supplied with the report of their individual test and the operating and installation instructions.

All switchboards manufactured by us are put to prescribed test procedures and a final inspection to achieve their compliance with the relevant standards and the top quality and reliability in operation. For power switchboards in higher current series, the price of supply includes a thermal imaging check of the power system.

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