As an Introduction

Bc. Václav Koudela, MBA

Dear Trading Friends,

First of all please let me thank you on behalf of our company for your interest in our company’s products.

I believe that the team of our experts will always be able to meet all of your requirements to your full satisfaction, irrespective of whether they relate to heavy-current electrical engineering, light-current electrical engineering, project issues, low-voltage switchboards, or other activities of the company. As the bases of our relation with you, our customers, are emphasis laid on quality, maximum openness especially in pricing, and respecting fully time schedules and times resulting from them. We are aware that to keep our current clientele fully satisfied and continue to develop the company towards expanding its market share in the current branches of our business is only possible in this way.

I believe that the maximum benefit for both parties involved is possible in the atmosphere of mutual trust and rational cooperation. I hope that also you belong, or will belong in the foreseeable future, to the group of our satisfied clients for whom we are honoured to work.

Best regards,

Václav Koudela, Jr.

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