Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

Our company offers design and engineering activities for the following segments:

  • Power engineering constructions
  • Industrial constructions, especially the food and chemical industries
  • Civic objects, incl. health-service constructions
  • Photovoltaic power plant designs
  • Light-current systems

…in the complete range of electrical installation work offered.

We are able to prepare the following within all work offered:

  • Preliminary project preparation – help with creating an investment design
  • Preparation of designs, studies and economic evaluations of a project
  • Documentation for applications for a building permit procedure and for a planning permission procedure
  • Documentation for the selection of a contractor
  • Documentation for the execution of a construction
  • As-built documentation for a construction
  • Ensuring bases, statements of network administrators and opinions of state administration bodies in question
  • Representation before a building office – issuing a planning permission and a building permit etc.
  • Author supervision
  • Consultancy

The project documentation is made fully by computer technologies using AUTOCAT LT and E-Plan CAD systems. An output is processed up to A0 in a full-colour version.

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