Quality Management, Environmental Management and Health and Safety Protection at Work

Our company has currently management processes implemented in accordance with the quality management and environmental management certification requirements according to the relevant standards. A certification audit is planned in a short time; we will inform you about its result on our pages.

Elektrostav Koudela a.s. lays primary emphasis on creating a motivated team of employees at all business process levels. In addition to the sophisticated incentive system, the essential emphasis is laid on issues of health and safety protection at work, not only within the statutory scope of duties.

Our workers are regularly examined in the theoretical and practical knowledge of Regulation No. 50/78 Coll. We mention hereinafter other specializations within our activities (in addition to basic electrical engineering work):

  • The company’s workers regularly undergo medical examinations
  • The workers are trained in work at height
  • The workers are trained in using mobile scaffolding and lifting platforms
  • The workers have welding certificates for arc welding
  • The company performs fire stopping and firewalls with certified HILTI fire materials; the workers are trained and have valid certificates
  • The employees have completed practical training in DEHN + SÖHNE lightning protection according to new ČSN (Czech National Standard) EN 62305
  • The employees are regularly trained in health and safety protection at work and fire protection by both internal trainers and external specialists… etc.
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